Serverless Adoption

Building serverless applications can be challenging - it's a different way to develop where the stack is the cloud. It requires developers that understand the cloud and have the right approach to solutions.

The benefits of using this architecture are many, long-term maintenance is close to zero, it automatically scales to any demand and a real pay-per-use service.

We have a team with years of experience building serverless applications, we can bring this expertise to your team, build together and maximize velocity.


Scales within seconds

The technology practically scales up and down in no time. Whenever the load on the function grows, AWS infrastructure will immediately make thousands of copies of the function (depending on the number of requests that come in) and scale up to accommodate the surge.

High availability

Through serverless computing, the ‘servers’ themselves are automatically deployed in several availability zones, so it is always available.

Lower development cost

A number of issues can arise when you are designing a product for launch. Adopting serverless computing solutions like AWS can lower development costs greatly. Setting up infrastructure, capacity planning and maintenance are all tasks that you can save time on.

Faster release cycles


You can not only deploy apps faster, but can easily roll out updates and ensure they get reflected in the program faster than ever before.

Compatible with microservices


Serverless computing ensures microservice oriented solutions so you can break down complex applications into small and easily manageable modules that makes the entire process of developing and testing software programs agile.

Agile friendly


Serverless architecture aids in agile-friendly product development. FaaS platforms are capable of letting developers focus on the code, and make their product feature-rich through agile build, test and release cycles.


Secure infrastructure


It is the responsibility of the cloud service to provide secure infrastructure. They ensure that it is safe, free from hacks and attacks as the cloud provider compromise on security.

Lower operational cost


AWS handles the infrastructure and its operational process, including maintenance, security and scalability, leading to lower operational cost for your business.

before having to restart your servers with 'out-of-memory' errors.