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Case Study Cribz: AWS Well-Architected Platform

Updated: Jul 20


CRIBZ is a Startup company based in Sydney who offers a big-data solution for real estate companies providing the data sources, insights and actions to reduce acquisition costs and increase long-term client value.

DNX was responsible for migrating CRIBZ environment to AWS Platform to deliver a very scalable and secure platform allowing the client to implement a new business model based on APIs for their customers.

Based on customers requirements, DNX deployed an AWS well-architected Foundation based on multiple accounts and network segregation, introduced DevOps practices for the development teams through a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Pipeline and migrated CRIBZ applications to this new platform.

With this environment in place, CRIBZ could start its journey to create a new API model to help their clients to consume CRIBZ big-data.

The Challenge

CRIBZ platform was previously hosted on Heroku platform limiting their ability to create a modern CI/CD pipeline and accelerate their go-to-marketing time. CRIBZ was not able to use the full power of the Cloud facing several challenges when developing and deploying new features and needed a faster way to go to production.

Some challenges CRIBZ was facing were:

  • Difficulties maintaining a scalable infrastructure for API architecture

  • The need for a better way to deploy APIs

  • Their large big-data database was already hosted on AWS, so every query was handled over the Internet, creating performance problems and security concerns

Project Outcomes & Success Metrics

As DNX completed the project, CRIBZ is now able to deploy fast and start developing their new API model on a secure, reliable and cost-optimized platform.

DNX delivered an easy to use Containers platform where CRIBZ is now able to deploy services with an optimized and fully automated pipeline which includes infrastructure changes deployment using infrastructure as code through Terraform automation.

Besides that, bringing every service to AWS Platform, reduced the internet traffic and enhanced application performance as the database is now on the same network as the computing services.

Through the use of SPOT instances for its containers, CRIBZ is now able to web-scale its applications with an optimised cost structure, paying only for the computing resources effectively used.

Lessons Learned

The following are the most important take-aways from this project:

  • Infrastructure-as-code is essential to ensure immutability across AWS environments.

  • Continuous Delivery unlock velocity and improve time-to-market

Next Steps

CRIBZ is now ready to start an architectural change moving new products towards cloud-native concepts and eventually to a serverless environment using Lambdas to further reduce costs and administrative burden.

Proposed Solution & Architecture

DNX was engaged as a trusted advisor to design, implement and deploy CRIBZ’s cloud platform and application stacks.

By using DNX One — our all-in-one AWS platform based on open source Terraform modules — CRIBZ could promptly start deploying into the AWS platform. The following features were implemented:

  • AWS Design and Documentation

  • Infrastructure-as-code using Terraform and DNX open source modules

  • CI/CD Pipelines for Terraform Projects

  • Application Container Strategy

  • Application Blue/Green Deployment

  • AWS ECS Cluster Configuration

  • AWS RDS Setup and Configuration

  • CloudFront and Web Application Firewall Implementation

The diagram below illustrates the ECS design used for CRIBZ:

ECS High-Level Design

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