Application Modernisation 

Looking to develop a new application or optimise an existing one to work better in the cloud? Our professionals have experience with cloud-native architectures to help your business leverage the best features of cloud providers such as scalability and variable costs (pay as you use).

Our Difference

Our team combines knowledge of software engineering and cloud, allowing us to provide services that covers the whole stack - from the cloud server to the code running in devs machines.

No proprietary technology - We do infrastructure-as-code with Terraform (an open-source tool) to create and maintain your cloud. Our platform is publicly documented and maintained by us so you don't need to worry about lock-ins.

And to keep your team able to manage their new platform and keep delivering value, we help lifting them with workshops, cloud mentorship and support.



The agile methodology taught us to deliver value early and often. We apply these concepts with our clients so we progress faster and detect issues earlier, preventing  rework.

Stages of App Modernisation


Your apps a new home.
We start by deploying our platform, we like to call it as it's the first layer of a modernisation, the terrain where your application will flourish. is a secure, high-available, low-cost and scalable container platform. It combines years of cloud experience in a platform completely built with simplicity in mind, infrastructure-as-code, open-source technologies, and designed for AWS with well-architected principles.

You have apps running on a time-proven platform that might meet your users requirements but is costing too much to maintain and slowing down delivery of new features.


We work with your developers to apply 12-factor principles, containerise and deploy to your new platform in the cloud.

All services used by your apps are migrated to the most cost-effective alternative in AWS with a migration plan to minimise downtime during the cutover.

Deployment is upgraded to a continuous deployment pipeline, built around each app, using your preferred code repository tool.

Once the platform is in place, the work to transform your apps can commence.

before you need that test environment to validate a new feature with the business.