DevOps _

What are the benefits _

Build up strong culture philosophies, automate the process, and use the technologies to deliver applications quickly and reliably.

Increase a team's speed while focusing on production and customer experience through prioritised quality and system robustness. It enables your company to deliver innovation and respond to market changes sooner and more frequently. 

Deliver value to your users much earlier and pull your business away from competitors. Release innovation and improvements in your applications, building new features, and fixing bugs through Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices, which means deliver more frequently, reduce risk and increase system stability.

Ensure a positive experience for end-users while controlling application and infrastructure performance. Delivery changes and updates with the reliability your business need.

Enjoy the benefits by improving communication, establishing a foundation for continuous learning, and building meaningful work while developers and operations teams collaborate closely, share many responsibilities, and combine their workflows. Also, allow your developers to deliver value continuously with a system stable and available.

Work at scale and enjoy huge operational and technical rewards with automation, controlling costs, reducing risks, and revamping security practices, regardless of complex or changing systems. Use code-based tools and treat infrastructure and application code in the same way.

Adopt a DevOps model without sacrificing security. Use automated compliance policies, fine-grained controls, and configuration management techniques which enable your team to move at higher velocity. The capture of necessary audit information and putting the right security and control around the activity. 

Very knowledgeable team. But knowledge can be acquired; it is attitude that is difficult to cultivate.

For us, DNX's flexible & co-operative attitude is as important as their knowledge. DNX listen and adjust as needed. They challenge and look at the bigger picture. Highly recommend.

Claude Brown, Tech2

Very handy to have them around, always helpful and with all the answers we need promptly. They really brought DevOps policy into the company.

Victor Saad, Next Logistics

We are a human-centric company, helping our customers to move forward with their business.

We work close to companies to spread the DevOps mindset, bring teams together and focus on delivery. Discover here the solution you are after, contact us and we will deliver it upgraded.

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