AWS Well-Architected _

Evaluate architectures and implement designs that will scale over time

Build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure applications.

DNX Solutions is a registered Well-Architected Review Partner, which means we have been certified to conduct a WAR (Well-Architected Review) by AWS. 

Well-Architected Review (WAR) is a half-day review for operations excellence to ensure your application is aligned to AWS best practices. Our team do a deeper assessment of your workloads comparing against best practices which enable us to identify issues and then fix it, reducing the risk over the cloud journey. After that, we provide a roadmap which shows how to fix the issues in short, medium and long-term work.


What are the benefits _


Protecting information & systems

Confidentiality and integrity

Access control

Protecting systems

Establish controls to detect security events

Operational Excellence 

Delivering Business Value

Improve processes and procedures
Manage and automate changes
Define goals and metrics
Optimise and standardise daily operations

Performance Efficiency

Using IT and computing resources efficiently

Select the right resource types and sizes

Monitoring performance

Maintain efficiency as business needs evolve

Cost Optimisation

Avoiding un-needed costs

Understand and control where the

money is being spent

Analyse spend over time

Scale without overspending


Preventing and recovering from failures

Laying the right foundation at setup

Cross-project requirements

Recovery planning

Change Management

Get your assessment and discover your current business state _

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Up to USD5K of credits are available from AWS to clients on completion of a DNX Statement of Work resolving a minimum of 25% high-risk issues. Talk to our AWS certified team for more details.

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We are a cloud-native company. We are DNX.

Very knowledgeable team. But knowledge can be acquired; it is attitude that is difficult to cultivate.

For us, DNX's flexible & co-operative attitude is as important as their knowledge. DNX listen and adjust as needed. They challenge and look at the bigger picture. Highly recommend.


Claude Brown, Tech2

Very handy to have them around, always helpful and with all the answers we need promptly. They really brought DevOps policy into the company.

Victor_Next Logistics.jpeg

Victor Saad, Next Logistics

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We are a human-centric company, helping our customers to move forward with their business.

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We work close to companies to spread the DevOps mindset, bring teams together and focus on delivery. Discover here the solution you are after, contact us and we will deliver it upgraded.

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